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I find their equipment is of the highest quality and balance backed by professional experience. Excellent customer service.

"Freedom Feeder" tm.

A loom woven, knot less, nylon hay net. Durable and easy to manage no matter the size of the net.. A pasture in a bag.  Order through this cite and receive a 15% discount. Free shipping with orders over $50.00




Veterinarian developed and customer satisfaction. 

Sales representatives have been so helpful in my years of use of  use of their products.

I always seek their booth when I'm at an event.


Tom Spalding and his helpful staff are great supporters of  events of integrity, clinics and  Horse Expo's .

Excellent results with their products.

Waring the level 3 bracelet, I haven't had to use the topical ointment on my hands nearly as much as before. The Level 5 patches have increased the healing time of scar tissue/nerve damage. Using the "clip" helped my horse advance the process of his pigeon fever. Used for calming horse and human. 


Contact = Miranda Redig 707-291-6211 

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