Julie Renfro-Cross

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July 14-15/2018

   Humbly,  I consider myself a student of all equine. My early start and memory was riding the ponies in Griffith Park California. I had a full collection of Breyer Horses.

   In 1997 I was introduced to the "Parelli" tm Organization. During the 14 years of being involved with "Parelli' tm, I studied closely and learned about the importance of a strong relationship and foundation. I met and rode with many students, Parelli Professionals and developed an eye for specialization with in the Equine Competitive World. I am grateful to Pat and Linda Parelli and for the opportunities I may not have had, had I not been involved. in demonstrations and recognition by the "Parelli's"

 I specialize in helping you build a bond with your horse(s) and equines that can transfer to all equine experiences outside the barn. This bond is built by simply understanding the horse’s point of view or walking in their shoes.

  Taking any opportunity, I have ridden, observed and worked along numerous horseman, reaffirming the importance of a solid foundation in building blocks and confidence in the horse and human.

   I also have a background in: Police Service Horse Training, Equine body mechanics, Young Horse Development, Problem Horses,(Trailer loading, needle phobia, aggression etc.) Western Dressage, English Dressage, Cutting, Reining, Vaquero and the Spanish Garrocha.

   Through the years I have gathered knowledge of those experiences which allow me to help you form a solid foundation of communication in any specialty you may be dreaming of.

  If you are having any questions about a working plan with your horse, maybe I can help.

   I offer private lesson, clinics and small groups that you may find informative. Please contact me for more information. 

   Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find it interesting and the photos inspirational.

Julie M. Renfro