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When & Where to find Julie
Payments can be made through Venmo or mailed checks.

May 18-19-2024


Finding the power through Straight Lines and Circles


Varian Equestrian Center

1275 Corbett Canyon Rd

Arroyo Grande, Ca 93420


Building your Horses Power through Riding Straight Lines and Circles


If you think of it…every maneuver you do with your horse is in combination of straight lines or circles (including a straight halt or sliding stop).


This is accomplished through the understanding of where the power in your horse comes from. This course will enable you to develop the understanding of a straight line and what varying diameters of circles feel like in order to maintain balance.

How to “steer” your horse by using the most subtle of cues.

The power comes from the hind quarters. You will feel when your horse is imbalanced during transitions which put your horse on the fore quarters.

You’ll learn through feel when your horse is imbalanced through turns on the Hind Quarters and Fore quarters.

Learning and observing in a group setting enables you to help support each other and observe /trouble shoot an imbalanced maneuver.

Clinic is limited to 8 riders

Cost for two days of coaching = $410.00

Overnight boarding is available

Overnight dry camping is available


Course cost is $410

Auditors are welcome $45

Contact Julie at or phone 707-483-1800

B&B Lodging nearby - Contact or  619-733-9314

August 10-11-2024


"Advancing Lines to Liberty"


Varian Equestrian Center

1275 Corbett Canyon Rd

Arroyo Grande, Ca 93420


In this advancing course, we’ll expand on the basic communication with our horses through varying lengths of lines and body language.


We’ll expand our skills through variations of transitions, (ie speed and direction) and move outside the arena setting.


We’ll test these advancing skills by practicing the “Liberty” in a larger arena/round pen.


Limited number of participants

Overnight boarding is available at the Varian Equestrian Center. Horses must be current on vaccinations and worming.

Course cost is $410.00

Auditors are welcome for $45 per day

Contact Julie at or phone 707-483-1800

B&B Lodging nearby - Contact or


Sept 27-29-2024


“Cow Working - Way Beyond Basics"

with Lester Buckley and Julie Renfro


V6 Ranch

70410 Parkfield Rd.

Parkfield, Ca 93457

The annual gathering of a group of like minded riders!

The morning session with Julie is focused on horse body positioning to enable you to be effective in motivating the cow and build confidence in the rider.

Afternoons are when we bring the cows to a workable controlled arena. We will have the opportunity to ride out to "find " and move the cattle. if you desire.

The goal is to build confidence and have a safe and fun 3 days.

This course is currently filled with returning riders. AND sometimes there are cancellations so contact Gracie to put your name on the waiting list.  Bring your horse or lease a V6 seasoned horse.

$1210,00 includes horse board in pens, dry camping, meals (Fri afternoon until Sunday lunch)

Lodging at the V6 is available with reservations in addition, the "Bunk House"  or "Glamping tents" at the camp.

Auditors are welcome for $50 per day

Contact Gracie at or phone 818-970-6659

If you are interested in creating an event in your area or barn, please contact me:

Julie M. Renfro  707-483-1800

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